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Adventures in Content Curation pt.1: 武

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I wanted to feature and elaborate on the nature of a particular endeavor of curation I had undertaken some time back. Under the title of , the Japanese kanji most commonly read as bu or warlike, this is a survey of the practice, culture, and implications of martiality. This not only features an appreciation for the heights valor, skill, and even engineering in the area of warfare but also the depths of despair in its wake and the dangerous cost of militancy run amok. It also attempts to wrangle the prospects of the future of warfare, whether in regard to technological paradigms or the potential for further outbreaks of strife and conflict.

Inevitably, such an endeavor may appear to glorify and appreciate its subject-matter, and while I cannot deny the reality of that outcome and my own thinly veiled fascination with the feats and marvels of combat and general warfare, I also have a very real concern for the perils of rampant militarization.

This will be the first of many such endeavors of curation (surveys, as I tend to refer to them) that I feature and elaborate upon in this blog. My hope is that this will help to shed some light on my own philosophical perspectives as I strive to document them in literary form.

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