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Adventures in Content Curation pt.2: gunMetal

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This feature is certainly lighter fare than the last, but it just so happens to share some minor elements–particularly regarding an interest in the future of warfare. gunMetal is the term that I use in regard to those elements of a science fiction’s themes which suggests a genuine interest in the function and appearance of military hardware and structure; including its purpose in expressing the spirit of the work in which it is featured. Where this differs from the subgenre of military sci-fi is that, often, works within the genre may not convey such themes, and works that do feature such themes do not always fit the genre. This is merely a survey of military themes and aesthetics as they feature prominently in science fiction.

Right away, you’ll notice a propensity for featuring works of the LEGO medium, and the reason is fairly simple: Apart from my personal longstanding appreciation for the craft of LEGO model construction, I’ve seen builders demonstrate a keen interest and enthusiasm for exactly the sort of themes which have long garnered my interest as far back as my first viewing of the movie, Aliens, at a very young age. The medium lends itself to a high frequency of quality output as well as a certain modularity of technique, and, not least of all, it lends tangibility. Otherwise, you’ll notice a great deal of concept-art, real-world news items about next-generation military hardware, as well as news regarding past and future science fiction works which feature such themes.

On a superficial level, this particular survey represents an accumulation of inspirational resources that is relevant to the worldbuilding behind my own work; whereas, most of the other curation that I engage in provides me personal edification, first, then makes its way into my work. This one is almost purely me geeking out.

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