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Adventures in Content Curation pt.3: Futurismo

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This one is very dear to me and perhaps among the first topics which compelled me to begin to demarcate my content sharing activities by topic. The very act of scouring for every shred of material which might accurately hint at things to come magnified my interest and reasons for doing so. In some ways, it is the futurist impulse itself which drives my efforts at broadly gauging what trends and possibilities might define our future as well as to evangelize upon whatsoever proves most compelling, and, in doing so, hopefully promote a greater and more thoughtful application of foresight. To this end have I sought to conduct what I characterize as a survey of future paradigms, both forthcoming or hypothetical under the title of Futurismo.

The future is truly an awesome thing to behold but only for those with the gumption to correct the all-too-common affliction of cultural myopia. Undoubtedly, much of the content related to this topic might seem dry or even alien in its far-reaching uncertainty. We are inherently encumbered by a lack of adequate faculties to project particularly far in time or large in scale. My hope is that by weaving in speculative fiction with the actual speculation of industry, academia, and whatever apparatus of state, that we can develop a narrative by which we might not only grasp the genesis of a narrative taking shape, but seek to conduct such a narrative toward a universally beneficial outcome.

Like my previous feature, gunMetal–with which Futurismo shares much content in common–I derive a great deal of inspiration from this particular accumulation of resources. However, while the former’s was primarily superficial, the themes I concoct from the fruits of this survey run deeper throughout my work, which will hopefully one day prove as worthy a contribution to the development of a greater future narrative as anything else I might turn up in this search.

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